Bonding is the name given to the process of “building-up” teeth directly in the mouth using an adhesive white plastic filling material that dentists’ call composite. Bonding is generally used to close gaps between teeth, when these teeth are otherwise healthy. Bonding can also be used to replace stained old fillings to improve the cosmetics either on its own or following tooth whitening.

Bonding is a minimally invasive alternative to dental veneers. It is becoming increasingly popular, especially following tooth-straightening [insert hyperlink to tooth straightening page] and tooth whitening [insert hyperlink to tooth whitening page] techniques.


Patients talk of their experiences of smile makeovers at Hexham Dental Clinic.

Case Study

This patient was unhappy about gaps between his upper and lower front teeth. As a child he had been put off dentists to the extent that when he had a lower front tooth accidentally knocked out, he had been too scared to get anything done about it. As a result, over a period of many years, his lower teeth drifted to leave a “gappy” and unsightly smile.

As an adult he had always been self-conscious about his teeth and eventually plucked-up the courage to ask his dentist about the options for restoring his smile.

After a consultation and a discussion about different options, cosmetic bonding was the treatment option of choice.

The procedure required no injections and was completed in one visit.

Over a period of just 1½ hours, this patient’s smile was restored by applying bonding to 9 of his teeth.

He was overwhelmed with the results and since then has had the confidence to develop a career as an international DJ!


Before treatment

After treatment

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