At Hexham Dental Clinic we will always give you a treatment estimate for your agreement prior to commencing treatment.

For your convenience we accept cash/ cheque/ debit and credit cards and for courses of treatment over £250 we are able to offer interest free credit.

Everyone is an individual so our treatment advice is designed to meet your individual needs.



Examination and consultations:
At your examination, your dentist will discuss your treatment options in full. We encourage you to become involved in your treatment decisions where appropriate.



New Patient: Including a full discussion of your treatment options and advice specific to your mouth.


  Routine examination for existing patients. £24.95




Implant or Cosmetic Assessment:

Initial assessment including full examination, x-rays as required, discussion of treatment options and advice specific to your mouth.




Hygienist services - treatment and prevention:
Our hygienist offers comprehensive treatment / prevention of periodontal (gum) disease which is the biggest cause of tooth loss, bleeding gums and bad breath.



Basic maintenance, simple scaling & polishing, minimal staining in a patient whose gum health is stable.

£34.95 (per visit)




Perio 2:

Removal of more extensive staining, maintenance visit for a patient with less stable or extensive gum disease, removal of larger amounts of tartar/calculus.

£59.95 (per visit)




Perio 3:

Intensive cleaning for patients with generalised or localised gum disease. Deep cleaning of gum pockets, removal of significant deposits of tartar, often under the gums and sometimes removal of pus from the gum pockets. Removal of thick heavy staining. Local anesthetic may also be required.

£89.95 (per visit)



White fillings are a great alternative to mercury containing metal amalgam fillings.



White Filling:

Modern cosmetic materials allow us to restore the shape and colour to return your tooth to it's natural beauty.


From £55.00


From 135.00





Silorane is the latest robust technology for filling teeth and where appropriate may be  a more conservative and cheaper option than a crown

From £165.00



Crowns and Bridges:
To restore teeth with large cavities or fractures we recommend a laboratory made restoration for strength and longevity.


Porcelain Bonded:

Cosmetic porcelain over a metal base makes this a dependable result.

From £395.00





For the ultimate in aesthetics, all-ceramic crowns have the benefit of no metal for beautiful results. 

From £395.00




Cosmetic Crown:

A superlative result. Hand - made by the owner of one of the best aesthetic laboratories in the UK. The most natural result attainable.

From £495.00



Replacing Teeth:
Do you lack confidence in your smile because of missing teeth?




For security and peace of mind, implants are the next best thing to teeth and can last a lifetime.

From £2,100.00





Use the support of adjacent teeth to provide a fixed robust replacement.
NB: Per Tooth.

From £350.00





Using the latest materials dentures can be made to look just like your natural teeth.

From £450.00



Cosmetic Treatments:
Have you always wanted a beautiful smile? Do you have teeth that are discoloured, crooked or have crowns that don't match the rest?


Tooth Whitening:

If your would like your teeth to look whiter toothwhitening may be for you.

From £395.00





As shown on the popular makeover shows, veneers or "laminates" can be used to change the shape, colour and arrangement of your teeth to transform your smile.


From £395.00





Bonding can be used to reshape and close gaps between your teeth.

From £85.00




Tooth Straightening:
Would you like straight teeth but don't want to wear visible braces for years? We have the latest techniques to move teeth quickly, safely and gently with clear braces with the same techniques used on celebrities. At Hexham Dental Clinic we are certified providers of Inman Aligners and Six Month Smiles


Inman Aligner:

Straightens front teeth in weeks, not months.

Single Arch

From £1,450.00




Clear Fixed Braces (Invisalign)

Invisalign straightens teeth using a series of nearly invisible, removable aligners that are custom-made specifically for your teeth. Includes free retainers and tooth whitening... from 2,800 or 86/ month.

Full Mouth

From £2,800.00 or £86.00 month

Six Month Smiles

Straight teeth, Fixed Clear Braces, Less time, Includes tooth whitening.

Full Mouth From £2,800.00






Other treatments:
Here is a list of the other treatments that we can do, if there is any treatment not specified here, please do not hesitate in asking us.


Root Canal Treatment

As an alternative to extraction, root canal treatment can help you retain your teeth.

From £195.00




Tooth removal:

If there is no further option or if it is your choice, our caring service will ensure that this is as gentle as we can possibly make it.

From £75.00



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