Teeth become more yellow and stained over time. Tooth whitening is a safe and effective way of restoring your smile. We receive many questions about tooth whitening.

This summary sheet is intended to help patients decide if whitening is for them and if so, which of our techniques would best suit their needs.


Patients talk of their experiences of smile makeovers at Hexham Dental Clinic.

Tooth whitening is very safe provided the correct procedures are followed.

The correct procedure involves applying the tooth whitening agent in a controlled manner onto the tooth surface.

At Hexham Dental Clinic have researched the best whitening products on the market to ensure safety and effectiveness.

We offer 2 different forms of tooth whitening and the application differs dependent on the product used.



Before treatment After treatment

“NIght-White” is our most popular whitening product. Treatment involves 3 visits;

At visit 1 your dentist or hygienist will take impressions to send to a dental laboratory to create custom whitening trays. The precision fit of these trays is crucial to the success of your treatment.

At visit 2 your dentist or hygienist will instruct you in how to safely apply the whitening gels into your trays. You then wear your whitening trays for 6hrs per day (overnight) for 2-4 weeks.

Visit 3 is a review appointment.

Cost for a Course of Day White whitening: £345.00
Top-up (maintenance) packs: £85.00



Maintenance requirements: Whichever the system you chose, to maintain optimal results, we recommend that you maintain your whitening by topping-up the effects from time to time to maintain the brighter smile you will have come to enjoy. Without maintenance most peoples teeth will return to their original colour after 3-4 years. the amount of top-up will depend on your expectations.

We would suggest that you may wish to consider one top-up pack per year if you wish to maintain the effects indefinitely. Some patients may prefer to top-up more frequently than this.



Further Considerations: Fillings, crowns and bridges do not whiten. If you have any fillings, crowns or bridges at the front of your mouth you may wish to consider their replacement after whitening. This is not always necessary if your crown or bridge are whiter than your own teeth but if in doubt please speak to your dentist or hygienist beforehand and we will be happy to give you a comprehensive treatment estimate before you embark upon any treatment.

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